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Wotan (PC + Soon to be Mac / Linux) is a classic arcade style beat 'em up where choice matters and fighting is not the only option. Inspired by old school brawlers, modern day adventure games, and Norse mythology Wotan combines the power of fighting with the power of words in one epic trek across America. Wotan's sharp and neo-dark world inhabits a cast of colorful characters ready to help or hinder you depending on your choices and actions taken across the entirety of the game. Discover the protagonist Wotan's troubled past and unleash endless bloodshed or delve into his methodical mind and avoid conflict as you befriend characters or create enemies as decisions are made.

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Music by BIAS ONE

Please note this demo is a prototype with a number of features and functions still in development that will be present in the final full product.


F Key or Gamepad Button 1 = Punch

D Key or Gamepad Button 2 = Kick

S Key or Gamepad L or R Trigger = Cootch (Hold Cootch + Punch)

Direction Keys or Gamepad D-Pad = Movement (double tap to run)

Additional Option Buttons:

Esc Key = Quit Game

L Key or GamePad Select = Toggle FullScreen On/Off

K Key or Gamepad Right Stick Push Click = Restart Game


Wotan_Alpha_V85.exe 73 MB